Media player won't play files (Windows 8)

• Sep 29, 2014 - 10:38

I have sent a file to a choir member who previously had musescore working really well and used it as a rehearsal aid but he has recently upgraded his computer to Windows 8 and now Media player won't play the file. I too have windows 8 so there should be no compatibility issues. Any help please??
Thanks Caz


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No Windows Media Player would ever be able to play a MuseScore file (.mscz or .mscx), and none ever was.
They would be able to play .wav files exported from MuseScore, maybe even .ogg and/or .flac (if you have the corresponding codes installed), but that's about it. With 2.0 MuseScore could also produce .mp3, which would also play in Media Player

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What actually produces the sound is the FluidSynth soudfont player.

Mediaplayer cannot play MuseScore files as they are essentially XML.

Mediaplayer is designed to play media files - eg MIDI or MP3.

What your friend needs to do is install Musescore in his new Windows 8 system. He will then be able to play MuseScore files you send him.

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