Deleting this specific measure corrupts the score.

• Apr 14, 2023 - 21:00

Thank god whenever I tried to delete this specific measure, the app reminds me potential corruption before I completely lose everything after saving in MuseScore 4. Here's how to replicate this in this score.

Try to delete measure 169 of the left hand piano and it will corrupt my score, done on my machine.

It could also be an error when editing. I can't pinpoint the exact issue. What I knew is that I added tremolo to the previous measure that have now been deleted on other parts.

MuseScore Version 4.0.2
macOS 13.2.1

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I messed around the measure for a while and I found something strange...

When I delete the measure note by note and element by element, it didn't corrupt my score, but when I tried to delete the measure as a whole, it did corrupt my score...

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My experience relates more to MS 3.6.2 than to MS 4.0.2, but I will share my way of avoiding "rippling" corruptions which seem to spread from one measure to the next.

If I become aware of a corrupt measure, I create two empty barrier measures, one before the corrupt measure and one after. If I then delete the corrupt measure, this seems to prevent any corruption spreading to adjacent measures.

Sample score attached, with the "barrier measures" still in place but the target measure 169 deleted.

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muted_m169_deleted.mscz 169.81 KB

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