[Lyrics] Cannot enter left-justified lyrics

• Apr 18, 2023 - 14:22

When entering lyrics, I prefer to entr lyrics left-justified. I have set this as a default in preferences. When I select a note and type CTRL-L the text entry defaults to centre-justified. If I click left-justifies in the panel to the left, MuseScore will not accept text from the keyboard. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?

I am using MuseScore 4.0.2.
I started from a new score.

Thank you, Emma


Are these actual lyrics, or are you using the lyric facility for some other type of text? Lyrics use special rules - they should only be left aligned in very specific cases, which MuseScore manages automatically. So that's why the basic settings don't always work as they do for other types of text where there are no such specific rules.

If you attach your score and explain in more why you are trying to left align lyrics, we can understand and assist better.

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Thank you for asking, Marc.

They are actual lyrics from a copyrighted song, which I'm transcribing by ear for personal use. Specifically, I was finding it hard to nail down the divisions of the beat the original singer used and extracting the syllables from the words. This is my first attempt to do this precisely. I am going about it by repeatedly listening to the song at performance tempo to get the alignment right between what I read and what I hear. I was testing whether having the syllables left justified helped.

"Ev-er-y-thing they __ said about __ eve-ry-thing __ was a-"

That is the context, but that was not why I raised this matter. I was asking if this might be a minor software UI bug that should be logged at a low priority for when the developers might have capacity. Switching back to centre justified did not allow lyrics to be typed in, when it should. I had to hit ESC to stop entering lyrics, select the starting note again and try once again, this time without selecting the left-justified control in the properties panel.

A quick fix would be to simply disable the left justified control if it should not be available; normally a very minor software change if you know where in the source code to look.

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To be clear, you can set lyrcis to be left-aligned, just not as a style setting, because as mentioned, the style setting is not followed literally, nor should it be, since real music would never have all lyrics follow the same alignment.

If you have a bunch of lyrics you want left aligned, you can select them all (eg, right-click one, Select / Similar) nd set them all that way at once in the Properties panel.

Disabling the syle control to help clarify that it doesn't have the usual effect would certainly be possible, so feel free to open an issue on GitHub requesting it.

I'm not understanding what you mean about having to press Esc while entering lyrics. It's certainly possible there is a bug there,, but we'd need to see a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem in order to say. You don't need to post the whole song, just a single measure should do. Unless there is something special about this score thatwhere problem occurs here and nowhere else, not even if you delete all but one measure. In which case, it's harmless to post the song here, even though copyrighted - this is a support forum, not a publishing site.

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