Musescore 4 and editing dynamics

• Apr 21, 2023 - 21:27

Something I really liked in Musescore 3 was the ability to alter dynamic markings. Changing the velocity of a forte marking in the inspector could make it play back mezzo forte. Now these dynamic markings don't have any settings for playback in the properties tab. Why isn't it there? Is there something I'm missing?

Also, I'm not sure whether or not this was also the case in v3, but how come the playback can't decrescendo then suddenly play a louder dynamic on the next note? For example, a measure in piano decrescendos but the first beat of the next measure is forte. It sounds like it crescendos to me.

Also also, what happened to the ability to make two clefs of the same instrument different dynamics? I remember marking the bass clef as forte and treble as forissimo and hearing the difference in v3, but I can't get them to be different in v4.

Looking for help with all of these. Thanks!

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