musescore 4.2 the page up and the page down does not work propely in page layout

• Apr 22, 2023 - 15:13

Dear all,
When I play a score from the display I use the page down and page up function on my laptop . Want to use a page turner aswel. On MuseScore 3 it works beatiful.
On MuseScore 4.2 only the home and end button work correct.
Page up-down shift the score half out of the screen.


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Return to factory setting, but it doesn't change the problem.

I will try to explain more in detail what I expect.
I use the labtop (2 in 1) in portret mode.
Use page lauout.
adjuist the screen that a whole page fill the screen.
- the page down shifts not only horisontal but also vertical
- key home and end work as I expext

0- When I use muscore 3 it work exelent
0- In this way Musescore can work with a page turner (the professional way of viewing a score)
0- By the way (the problem occure also in landscape mode)

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