Dynamics marking affects the measures before it

• Apr 25, 2023 - 17:26

I have this score:
It sounds fine. But when I add one more measure with changed dynamics:
the sound (probably the dynamics) of the foregoing five measures also changes.

Why is this happening? Shouldn't the new dynamics marking only affect the subsequent measures, and leave the previous ones untouched?


I opened the mscx in MuS 3.6.2 and it works as expected.
Either a problem with listening - let it play much slower - or a bug in MuS 4.

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"a problem with listening"
-- What do you mean by this? When I play back a score with those last four notes and when I play it back without them I can clearly hear the difference. If there is any problem on my side, it must be a hallucination then, not listening. But then it's rather strange that I start hallucinating only when those four notes are added to the score. :)

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:) No worries. I am not offended.
I wonder if I should report it on GitHub.
What stops me from doing that is that I already reported a similar bug half a year ago ( https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/14946 ), except that was about saxophones. I am not sure if it is worth then to be considered a separate bug or if it's the same thing.
Sadly, it's been already six months but the saxophone bug is still there.

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