"Show off what you've scored with Musescore" somehow is reinterpreted to mean "report problems with Musescore here"

• Apr 27, 2023 - 02:25

An example of how out of control the forum is. It's frustrating to see things like this and then you're asked to search the forum to see if anyone's asked the same question you're about to ask. My God in heaven.


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Yes but nobody uses the forum that way. It seems all forums are being used to file trouble reports.
Perhaps a way to alleviate this is to ask people what they intend to do before they do it.
In other words, before a user can post he would have to fill out a short form like this:

Hey you! What are you here for? What's your beef?
__ Report a problem or error message
__ Suggest a new feature
__ Join a general discussion that has nothing to do with reporting problems or suggesting features
__ Include the "h"
__ Mishegoss

And so on. A user would check one and be routed to the correct forum. Then someone would check to make sure people aren't disregarding this system and posting trouble reports in the Technology Preview section, for example. It's like a switchboard that connects you to the right place.

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