MuseScore 4 Skipping Notes

• Apr 28, 2023 - 17:38

Hi, I'm having an issue where MuseScore 4 is skipping notes. I noticed this problem when MuseScore 4 was just released, and I tried again today and saw that this still hasn't been fixed. MuseScore 3 still plays everything perfectly.

I have attached an example of a bar in my composition which doesn't not play correctly for me. The consecutive two B quavers (eight notes) don't play at all for me.

I'm using Windows 11. If there is any diagnostic information which is required, please let me know.

Please see the diagnostic output attached.

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skipping notes.mscz 18.43 KB 36.75 KB


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Thanks for your reply. Reverting to factory settings did not work, neither does the nightly build. I thought that the issue was that I copied it from musecore 3, however creating it from scratch doesn't give different results.

However, the score you attached plays correctly, even though it is the same as mine! What did you do differently?

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Editing and then resetting the playback velocity didn't help either.

That it plays fine on your Linux machine is one thing. The fact that ONLY the score you saved on your Linux installation will play fine on my Windows installation suggests to me that some critical data is in the scores on Linux which is missing from the scores on my Windows installation.

It's also curious that I don't see others reporting this issue.

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