MuseScore4.1.0.23's favorite activity on Mac M2 is to crash ...

• May 8, 2023 - 10:14

It crashes if I try to open an .mscz file saved on various of my students' computers. So I have to have them send the files to me in compressed MusicMXL files now.

Also I downloaded Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Movement 1 Musescore v1.3 file from It will open but if I try to reassign any instrument (such as violin) from MS Basic to Muse Sounds -> Strings -> Violins or any replacement, it immediately crashes.
I tried to export the file to MusicXML and open in Musescore and then reassign but it also instantly crashes


4.1.0 is not a thing yet, but rather a development build

However: both mscz load just fine in 4.0.2 and in the latest development build too

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