Problem moving Chordnames and Lyrices

• Sep 30, 2014 - 23:50

Version 2.0 (updated today) will not allow me to move Chordnames or Lyrics up/down! Only left/right.

This works OK in ver 1.3

I am selecting all similar elements and holding down the CTRL while dragging.


In reply to by franksk

True. There is an unfortunate conflict Ctrl means two different things while dragging. It means "don't clear the selection" but also "constrain drag horizontally". So what you'd need to do to drag multiple elements vertically is *first* start dragging horizontally with Ctrl, *then* release Ctrl while still in mid-drag so you can continue to drag freely.

But using the Inspector is better anyhow - more precise, more repeatable, can reset horizontal and vertical adjustments individually, etc.

Or, use the Inspector to move multiple selected items more ac accurately/precisely/reproducibly, or simply change the Text Style to change *all* elements of the given type at once.

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