Is there any way to assign specific soundfonts to specific instruments ??

• May 15, 2023 - 17:07

I dislike All of MS' soundfonts for unpitched instruments, so I programmed my own soundfonts (and downloaded others). It...kinda works, and kinda doesnt.

Is there a way to assign specific soundfonts to specific instruments, like a gong? or Temple blocks? triangle?


Hmm, you've created something better than Muse Sounds? I'm sure others would be interested as well if you care to share!

Meanwhile, yes, to assign a specific soundfont to a specific instrument, simply select it in the Mixer.

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The process is different in MU3, Soundfonts are assigned globally, and then you have to override per instrument. So you can get the same result with more work and more side effect on other scores.

But can you explain what you not liking about MU4? Sound and engraving quality is an order of magnitude better. If you’re not happy with MU4, switching to an older version will be worse in these respects.

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Ho Ho Ho, well have I a list for YOU buddy!

Where to start...

For one, all my preset functions are gone, ie "w" does this and "shift" "o" does that.
inputing notes is a hassle.
trying to download a soundfont is a pain.
trying to use dynamics is a pain
the cresc and dim. H.pins dont allow me to change HOW much to get louder or softer.
trying to get 3 staves is a pain (for piano)
lots of the things at the top of the program screen are gone (maybe you can add them in this version, but why SHOULD I have to do it myself??)
it (****) up all my sheet music layouts from MS 3

Need I go on? I'm sure there are plenty more I can think of if i pulled up MS 4 and tried using it again.

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Hmm, sounds like a few simple misunderstandings we can easily clear up!

First, yes, custom shortcuts need to be set up again any time there is a major version change. If you’ve made more that a handful, you can export your shortcuts from MU3 and import into MU4. You’ll miss out on some of the new command shortcuts if you do that (eg, for accidentals) but you can add them easily enough.

Soundfonts are downloaded same as always, but are selected differently now - you do it per instrument and per score rather than forcing all scores to use the exact same soundfonts for all instruments as MU3 did. Is that what you mean?

Hairpins respond to the dynamic marking you place after, same as MU3. You can hide any dynamics you don’t want to show to the people playing your score.

Adding a third staff for piano is as easy as clicking the gear icon in the Instruments and then “Add staff”.

Not sure which controls you are missing in the toolbar, but to be clear, you must have added some in MU3, because by default MU4 shows more controls than MU3 did. And it’s 10x easier to customize.

MU4 does indeed have vastly improved layout, so if you’ve customized things in a score to work around the major defiencies in MU3, you might need to reset those customizations are they may well be counterproductive now. That is very straightforward but the details will depend on your score. We’re happy to help if you start a new thread and attach a score you are having trouble with. Or just keep using MU3 to reprint those old scores that you’ve already applied your workarounds too, and use MU4 for the vastly improved layout and playback on new scores.

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