Real time note input Musescore 4

• May 15, 2023 - 19:17

I was having trouble finding the real time input in Musescore 4. Does it not exist yet, and if I wanted that feature, I'd just continue using Musescore 3 until it's added, or whatever other program I might want to use for that from other companies? Thanks in advance.


  1. Find the Note Input icon - it looks like a pencil
  2. Right-click the icon to show the choices
  3. Select either Real-time (metronome) or Real-time (foot pedal)


Yes it is in MU4. But I feel I need to see a video of its operation, as I am getting all sorts of weird stuff. Like the note D which is created and then sustained for the duration, and which suppresses the appearance of the notes I am inputting. I feel it is not yet there for MU4. I have started trying this with Pro Tools. So far it looks promising.
- It will create MIDI exactly corresponding to the notes I play. Naturally, that's the nature of PT.
- I can look at the corresponding score (Window / Score Editor).
- I can set a time signature and a key signature.
- The result can be quantized.
- A MIDI file can then be exported from PT and imported to MU.

The PT score facility is more tolerant than MU of overlapping notes, and hence its score looked like what I intended. MU had to create a Part 2 whenever there was an overlap. Playing in more carefully yielded a much better result. Also, chord input tested fine, being nicely notated by both PT and MU. MU did not seem to import note velocities.

I can say that I have had some experience of note input to MU via the computer keyboard, and indeed this works very well. However, being a pianist I related better to MIDI keyboard note input, so that is why I want to see if I can get real-time input working to my satisfaction.

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Thanks Marc. For sure, to understand it I really needed that video! (I did do the course, but either skipped it or have entirely forgotten 😆. I will persevere with the Pro Tools method and see how it goes. One drawback will be that every new batch of PT input, when passed across, will create a new MU document. This will then need to be copied and pasted to the 'master' document.

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Glad it helped! For the record, this lesson was a relatively late add in the course - I tried to cover the most commonly-needed topics first, then went back and added lessons for more esoteric features like this.

Whether you try that or use Pro Tools, there is just almost know way it's going to be faster than typing, though.

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Thank you for your video. I was having trouble finding the real-time entry mode selection and the video cleared up that issue.

I am having a problem using real-time (foot pedal) for note entry in MuseScore 4. MuseScore automatically advances to the next note when the foot pedal is released. This means that I can't enter one note per pedal press/release combination.

This behaviour is what I would expect if "Advance to next note on key release (MIDI)" is checked off. However, this behaviour occurs whether the option is checked or not.

Note entry works as expected in MuseScore 3. I have the option unchecked and can enter single notes or longer notes/rests as shown in your video.

Do you think there is another setting that I am missing, or is this a regression bug from MuseScore 3?

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