piano midi interface

• May 16, 2023 - 15:59

How do I used my piano and midi interface to create sheet music?


Connect your keyboard, turn it on, start MuseScore, make sure your device is selected for input in Edit / Preferences / I/O. Then enter notes normally, same way as you'd use your computer keyboard or mouse except now you have another way to enter the pitches.

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I followed your instructions. The only device I see in the I/O Midi is "USB Midi Interface." But when I get the score ready to receive notes and play the piano, no notes appear on my score. My piano is a 25 to 30 year old Roland. I inherited it from my mother, who I know used it to compose music this way. I appreciate your help.

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So to be clear, you see the USB device listed and you are making sure it is selected for input? And by “get the score ready to receive notes”, you mean have selected a start location, entered note note input mode, and selected a duration? At that point you play a. It’s in your keyboard - you you hear it but not see the note appear, or see but not hear it, or neither? What happens if you first press “C” on your computer keyboard to test that everything else is working, then without doing anything else in between, play a “D” on your Roland, then go back to your computer and type “E”?

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Yes the device is selected for input. Yes I entered note input mode with selected duration. At that point I play A on my Roland and hear the note but do not see it on my score. When I press "C" on my computer, that note appears on my score. I play D on my Roland as you suggest but no note appears on my score. I go back to my computer and type "E" and the note appears on my score.

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