Weird note glitch/misreading

• May 19, 2023 - 03:52

I was just writing a piece, and found this particular riff has an incorrect playback. An Eb will play instead of an E natural on one of the 4 E's. I've tried messing with a few key signatures, but the error continues to occur. It only happens on the soprano sax with that specific note sequence (Bb F E) when the dynamic is mp or quieter. I am using the Mac version of musescore.

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Note Glitch.mscz 15.4 KB


Try this with Muse sounds.
Using that key signature (no accidentals) and at mp, write out the measure and a half. It should play Eb's. Put a natural on the first Eb in each measure. All the E's should be natural. Now put the staccatos. On my system, this is where things get weird.

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