Inkscape 1.2 Extension: Musescore Viewbox

• May 22, 2023 - 18:50

This is an extension for Inkscape 1.2 for correcting SVG-files that were exported by Musescore 3 or 4.

These SVGs are always exported with a page size in pixels (at a strange scale factor) and if exporting a selection from Musescore 3 there is stuff that exceeds the Viewbox. (lines etc.) which is a problem when reimporting into Musescore or into Scribus

The extension has the options to

  • change page size from pixels to mm
  • remove all elements that are outside the page (most of it).

When you want to use the SVGs in any other software like LibreOffice, Scribus then it is a good idea to change the page size to mm. Only for reimporting into Musescore it is better not to change the (strange) size.

Musescore 4 only can export whole pages but you can open such an SVG in Inkscape, resize the page sized white rectangle to your desired size, then press ctrl+shift+r to resize the actual page to your selection and then run the Extension. This can replace the missing graphic selection tool in Musescore 4.…


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