Bulk replace chord symbols?

• May 28, 2023 - 22:40

Is it possible to do a global find and replace on a particular chord symbol?

For example, an arrangement uses the minus sign to indicate a minot triad (D- for Dm). Is there a way to do a find and replace operation instead of having to individually change each instance, one at a time? If not, this would be greatly appreciated in future versions ... thank you
M. Charles


Try the attached plugin for MU 3.6

In a plain text editor change lines 46 & 47 to the desired replacement. Enter a full chord symbol but replacement will be global, e.g. if you ask to replace Dm7 with D- it will also replace all other m7 chord symbols. If you run the plugin from the plugin creation window you will see a list of the replacements.

This plugin is brand new & may be buggy. Make a copy of the files you test, but ctrl-Z should undo changes made by the plugin.

The plugin may - or may not – work in MU4. I’m not running MU4 so I can’t test that.

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Jojo, I did not realize you had made changes, but thank you. I have integrated them now but run into an additional weird problem: in MU3.6 it's curScore.startCmd(); & cmdStart is not recognized (!?)

Is this the correct way to address this? Is start/end command uberhaupt needed in MU 3.6? There are no other cmd()s in the code.

if (mscoreMajorVersion < 4) {curScore.startCmd();}
else {curScore.cmdStart();}

    replaceChordSymbols(cursor, segment)

    if (mscoreMajorVersion &lt; 4) {curScore.endCmd();}
    else { curScore.cmdEnd();}

I wait for your answer before posting the integrated version
EDIT: But I post it here alreadyfor you to look at

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