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• Jun 1, 2023 - 00:13

I only bought this because I saw a guy on youtube change his score to banjo tab. It was musescore3 but it should still be doable on musescore4, right? I just cant seem to get it done. I converted a pdf file to the appropriate musescore extension and uploaded it. I clicked on the first note in the music and then hit the add button and chose the banjo. It put blank banjo tab under the staff. I can't seem to find the way to get this done even with all the reading of the help manual that I have done. Can anyone help me?

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It seems to me that you want to add a "linked staff" after creating a banjo part, and copying one (!) of the voice parts into the new part:
Bear in mind that the resulting tablature could be fingertwisting and straight impossible to play due to how the algorithm for making the tablature works: it favors low positions. What would be easy to play in, say, tenth position is being fit into the first position. You will have to perform some arranging work on the result of such a mindless and humanless approach.
I really doubt that it is even possible to arrange such a piece (the whole piece) for one banjo. To say it simple, I have once read the book by Meleshko R.F. "How to arrange for seven string guitars" (1965). Even if an arrangement is possible it would not be an easy task. It is often needed to move voices up and down, to change tonality of the piece and rearrange its chords. (But any piano piece for one player can be arranged for two guitars, though).

But should you choose to attempt it, you will need to merge two voices into one.
0. Save a copy of your score.
1. Create a banjo part.
2. Select the SA part (the one with the treble clef) as a whole. To do that click the first note of the first measure then press Ctrl+Shift+End. Then visit the "selection filter". If you lack it then you can summon it with the "View" tab.
3. The "All" filter must have a "check" mark as a value. If it has a "minus" mark then click that minus two times for it to turn into the "check" mark.
4. Deselect the "voice 2".
5. Press Ctrl+Alt+3.
6. Restore the selection filter to default by "selecting" the "voice 2"
7. Select the SA part (the one with the treble clef) as a whole.
8. Deselect the "voice 1" and the "voice 3".
9. Press Ctrl+Alt+4.
10. Restore the selection filter to default by "selecting" the "voice 1" and the "voice 3".
11. Select the TB part (the one with the bass clef) as a whole.
12. Ctrl+C.
13. Click the first quaver rest in the SA part and press Ctrl+V
14. Select the merged SA part as a whole.
15. Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V it into a banjo part.
16. Handwork the result.

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