Scores are disappearing from computer

• Jun 1, 2023 - 07:12

Hi all,
I've had 3 projects completely wipe themselves from my computer- they weren't saved to a different location or in my recycle bin, and I've been working on them for months with no issue until now. What is really strange to me is that I save two copies of my score everytime I'm done writing for the day- one as "piece_title_." and one as "piece_title_backup." and both are disappearing. On top of that, my autosave is full of just "my first piece" scores, it took me quite some time to find one of the piece's autosaves and I don't think the other piece even has an autosave (which it DEFINITELY should have, it was a four movement score that I had been working on for quite some time.)

For more information, one of the pieces disappeared right after I saved it (twice) and closed musescore, and the other two pieces disappeared sometime in the last week, as I haven't worked on them in a couple days. They were by far my largest file sizes, if that's at all relevant?
What's causing this?


MuseScore never deletes your files, so most likely the scores are still present. Are you on macOS, by chance, and using Google Drive? There is a known bug in the Google Drive app where it can start marking files hidden. Turn on display of hidden files to see if they reappear (worth a shot even not on macOS or not using Google Drive). Otherwise, do a full system search - including hidden files & folders - of all files ending in ".mscz".

Lack of an autosave file isn't surprising, they are only present while you are working on the file. As soon as you close it, the autosave is deleted. But, there should be a backup file, in the ".mscbackup" folder.

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