Cross staff notation

• Jun 3, 2023 - 09:14

I'm copying choir music into MU4 to make the scores more chorister-friendly as opposed to printer convenient.

The issue I've come upon happens in the accompaniment, where some chords in the original go over both the bass and treble clef staves, e.g., F3, G3, D4. To enter this I opted to enter them in first into the treble staff at an octave higher and then change that section down again to an octave lower. Of course, all the notes are still associated with the treble staff and lots of ledger lines. What is the method to do this in cross-staff (?) notation?


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Thanks again,

I got it, but it seems to be a rather clumsy way of going about it:

Doing it as you suggest puts the selected note(s) on the lower staff - hurray, now what
Switch the stem direction of the shifted notes - this may "join-up" with any notes that had been on the lower staff already
Switch the stem direction of notes that may have been on the lower staff already
Extend the stem of the shifted note(s) to join the stem of the notes in the upper staff

Is this really the only way?

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Thanks Daniel,

this looks just as convoluted as the other way.

Seeing, that organists already use two hands and two feet to play the beast, what's the problem to engage their head one step further figuring chords with umpteen ledger lines? But maybe, I should be bothered to make the score a little more readable for the organist as well.

I can do this in my own time, the geniuses got to do it all at once in real time - I'm in awe!

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