selective play of staves

• Oct 22, 2008 - 14:04

First of all: thanks for the fantastic software! Keep on going!

My requested feature:

During score development (especially with multiple staves as used by brassbands) it could be very useful to have the option of "switching on / off" the playback (play) on each individual staff. As a score develops itself, it helps to be able to focus on just a few staves in playback, instead of allways hearing all the staves.

This option could probably best be implemented as a "play" checkbox after each staff in the "create instruments" panel.

To enhance this further, a button could be placed in the "Play panel" with a "Edit instruments..." function (and this could map to the "create instruments" panel.

Max Kruijzen


Muting the sound for individual instruments is possible using version 0.9.3 or later. Go to DisplayMixer and use the mute and solo buttons. Note that parts of the mixer panel are not finished (such as changing instrument sound).

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