Difficulty extracting orchestral parts from score

• Jun 13, 2023 - 11:44

I attach a score of a conventional big band composition for 8 brass, five saxes and rhythm. (There are some unedited parts here).

Trumpets extracted appear as 'Bb Trumpet in F 1' and I wonder where this name came from.

The first three trumpets and the first three trombones had identical content even though they are different in the score.

Under File> Parts there are other instruments that do not appear in the tabs at the top of the page, until they are opened, of course.

To get the job done I had to duplicate the score, print a hard copy for reference and create manually the offending copies, exporting them individually as PDF's, before combing them all into one file.

The file was originally produced on a PC. The last time I did this I got a 'file corrupted' message but this time the file opened without a warning.

Please note that I did nothing I am aware of to cause the naming problem. I simply did what I have done for many years: assemble a score and extract the parts.

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MuseScore 4 handles parts different from previous versions, so you cannot have done what you did for many years - those dialog boxes don't even exist anymore. Instead, you presumably mean you did what you have been doing for the last several months. If you can detail those steps, we can understand and assist further.

As it is, I can only say, the name "Bb Trumpet in F 1" is exactl what the part name shows in the Parts window, so that is indeed And that name appears because the instrumetn in the score is a Bb trumpet in F, as shown in the instruments list (go to Edit / Instruments or press "I" to display). It appears the transposition info was changed to be Bb (as per Staff/Part properties), but the instrument itself is recorded in the file as being in F.

My guess is you create this from a template created in an older version. That will sometimes work but might have issues. best to create a new tempalte from scratch in MU4. But if you attach the template you used when creating this, perhasp someone can show how to correct it.

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This was a score produced in MuseScore on PC a few years ago and opened in MuseScore 4 on my iMac. That's it. Nothing else was done. No template, no interference in instrument names, I did not change transposition details (why would anyone do that?) nothing, and this was what I got. Do you honestly know what is happening here? I get the impression you don't. After many years of relatively trouble-free use of Musescore, during which time I have produced a great many scores, orchestral, big band, brass band etc... I suddenly find myself facing baffling problems.

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No, I don't know what steps led to this, which is why I am asking you. As explained previously, the only way we can help is when you figure out and post the precise steps to reproduce the problem, and attach the original version of the score, so we can reproduce the issue for ourselves.

So, if you can attach the original version of the score - from before you loaded it into Musescore 4 - we can try to verify if the instruments change upon loading into MuseScore 4 as you say, and then see if we can figure it out why. If you didn't save a copy of the MuseScore 3 file before loading it into MuseScore 4, then see if you can use the capabilities of your system like (OneDrive on Windows, or Time Machine on macOS) to restore the previous version.

If for whatever reason you are unable to retrieve the original version of this file, it's time to fix the problems here and move on. In the future, I'd recommend not saving over your original MuseScore 3 version of scores. Not just because of this, but it's good practice in general just in case you find you need to load it into MuseScore 3 for any reason. So make copies of your MuseScore 3 files before loading, or use Save As from within MuseScore after opening in MuseScore 4.

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I haven't a clue what steps led to this. Another day another dollar. What I know for certain is that MuseScore just isn't working, unless you intended all these problems to occur. I have been using computer programs since 1989 and never, never have I faced nightmares such as these, nor have I needed to face squabbles with development teams. I'll try and find solutions elsewhere for the time being.

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There are no squabbles here - we're just asking for your help in tracking dow what is happening,l since no one else is encountering this problem. maybe it's a bug, maybe's it something you are doing incorrectly - until we have the steps to reproduce the problem none of us can know until you find the steps to reproduce the problem. So focus on that, not squabbling :-)

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Sorry, but I can't resist:
You should not rant but just use the software properly ...
Your problems here with "Bb Trumpet in F 1" and in the other forum post (Contrabass Tuba) are operating errors of the user and not errors of the developers.
I took a lot of effort there to explain to you why this is so, but you always claim to have nothing to do with it. I am convinced that this is simply not the case!

Corrupt files is a different problem and yes, it exists and has many different and sometimes unknown causes. I'm sure that's what the developers are working on and they are grateful for any hints as to how it came about.

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Ranting? Believe me, if you knew the problems I have faced over the past few days you would realize how mild-mannered my response has been. This is a free program so I'm limited in the anger I can express otherwise my response would have shown justified anger. Twice I have taken existing scores that were behaving OK and opened them in MuseScore 4 and you saw what I got. It's just happened yet again on a third score. Now all my extracted parts feature 'Alto 1' in the header. The problems I face have been a nightmare so please admit that you don't know why your program has suddenly gone totally wrong and stop blaming me. Ridiculous!!!

My advice is to stop releasing new versions and produce one that works. I can do the refinements myself.

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Again, it works for milliosn of others. We'd love to investigate the problems you are facing to determine if in fact it is a bug or just a user error. That investigation cannot begin until you post the steps to reproduce the problem. There is literally nothing we can do - the ball is entirely in your court. If you want to see a solution, we cannot begin to help until you are able to show us how to reproduce the problem, it's as simple as that.

Earlier I told you exactly how you can help - use OneDrive or Time machine or whatever facility your system provides to restore the original MueScore 3 version of the score. Then see if you can indeed reproduce the problem from there, and note the steps if so. IOf you've disabled those features on your system, then move on, and simply remember next time you open an existing MuseScore 3 score to use "save as" copy so you still have the original to attach if the problem reoccurs. Those are concrete things you can do to help us help you. Nothing else anyone can do will be as useful as that. So I do hope youtake that advice, if you are serious about wanting to see a solution.

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Steps leading up to this? I took two perfectly good scores (now a third one!) and opened them in MuseScore 4. That's it. The results were an absolute train wreck and I refuse to play your games. Find out why scores done in recent versions will not work and please let me know. The steps leading up to the creation of the original scores were taken 10/15 years ago. I don't believe I am alone in this. I am dropping out of this nonsense. Too busy.

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All you need to do, then, is send us the unmodified original version of one of those scores. Once you've saved them, it's too late to understand. if you have a score that hasn't already been saved in MuseScore 4, we can investigate from there.

Again, this has literally never ever been reported by any single other person out of the millions of MuseScore users. Whatever is going wrong is unique to your situation. So only you can help. If you're not interested in helping, no need to respond. But I for one would love to be able to help you, and am volunteering my time to do so. I'd appreciate your doing me the same courtesy, but if you're not interested in our help, that's fine. Just be clear - we are trying our best to help. We just need you to do the same.

I can totally how it's possible this might happen if the MuseScore 3 file is corrupted in a particular way. If so, we can work to repair those files. But again, there is absolutely nothing that can be done until you provide the original files. The ball remains in your court.

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You've got me confused.
It's not my program, I'm not involved in the development of MuseScore, I'm just a simple user who is very happy that such a powerful and free program is made available and even developed further.

But I do understand something about computers and software, even if I am not a software developer. I had my first contact with computers and software already about 50 years ago and therefore I stick to it: a software never makes a "Bb trumpet" into a "Bb trumpet in F" or a tuba into a contrabass tuba by itself!

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