Add more "unique" sounds to MS

• Jun 14, 2023 - 02:22

Yeah, I'm going to volunteer to sound like an idiot when I ask for this, but like I'm a modernist avant-garde composer, and I use LOTS of bizarre instruments.

Yeah, yeah, I know "MS is for easy use blah blah"
But that doesn't mean you can't add things like an aeoliphone, crotales with a Bass bow, cymbals that you can strike with a bow, cymbals you can strum with the drumstick, geophone, ocean harp, different whistles, the ACME whistle...need I go on?

Ugh, being a REAL musician sucks!! You have all these simplistic unoriginal people using the simple things that Musescore has, while I'm over here struggling bc I don't know how to either replicate these sounds on Musescore or that I don't know if I am notating it right bc MS doesn't have these instruments or features.

Also, add a frign gong MS, like seriously, that tam-tam "sound" is absolute garbage, and sounds NOTHING like a tam-tam, whether it be pitched or unpitched.

And seriously, like add an overpressure to the bowed string instruments.

I don't care if these are uncommon, people still use them



It’s not the fact that you ask that makes you sound like an idiot but the way how you ask for it. I won’t elaborate further because it feels like feeding a troll …

You can add all those things - you just need to find a soundfont or VST to provide the sounds.

And - my guess is you're using an older version of MuseScore that doesn't support Muse Sounds, or you simply forgot to install Muse Percussion. The tam-tam there is amazing (albeit on the quiet side).

BTW, you say you've been here ten years, but if so, must have been a different account, this one has one been here a month. Anyhow, regardless of how long you've been here, rational and politely worded feature requests are always welcome!

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Yeah, but that doesn't mean you'll DO anything about it.

And that STILL wouldn't fix the issue with:
Scratching on the gong
Scratching on the cymbal
Mute taping on a timpani...

And (off topic) why can't I change the length of fermatas on MS4?? MS 3 allows it, why not 4??

As for your suggestion, I MADE my own sound fonts, and I'd hate to actually go and buy one. And yes I have looked many times for free ones, but they aren't much better.
I'd hate to use MS 4 for this stuff, but it looks like I'm gonna have to for this. It's a shame bc whoever made MS 4 must have been high on something when they released it.

But NO I haven't heard of this Muse Sounds or whatever. Suppose I will check it out

And yes, I lost the login to my old account. But that doesn't matter.

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Not every single requested feautre is implemented, true - ones that are perceived to provide the most benefit to the most people get priority. Features requested only once don't get as much attention as ones requested hundreds or thousands of times. Also, for things like sounds where there are zillions of third parties already providing solutions, it's usually a better use of the team's resources to focus on other areas.

Anyhow, if you haven't tried Muse Sounds, probably not sure you've been, but it's the single biggest new feature in MuseScore 4, hard to miss really. But, mostly focusing on traditional orchestra instruments, not experimental sounds. Here, while there are other sounds indeed so one might wonder why go to the trouble of developing their own, there is nothing remotely close in quality for free. Really, few things remotely close in quality even for hundreds of dollars.

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Funny you say that when it DOENST EVEN ALLOW YOU to change it from there.

It's not an option.

On top of that, I can't even seem to change the velocity of the dynamic markings either in the same "playback" settings.

Another reason why MS 4 sucks.

And Why do I have to assign a SoundFont to EVERY instrument I use? Why can't there be an "assign all" button??
Why Do the offset dynamics override the user set dynamics?? I want user set most of the time, but (for instance) when I have "PPP" but I want it played at velocity User: 40, it does 16 and I'm like...?!
Also, Muse sounds are making my computer AWFULLY laggy. More so than ANY of the other sound fonts I have and/ or made

Sighs I hate to be the Karen about it, but you seriously can't deny that MS 4 is just...just not ready for the public with all its broken features.

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What is the “it” you are having trouble finding it using? The duration control for fermatas on the playback section of properties? Works as expected for me.

As for why Mu4 allows yoh to very easily different soundfonts for each instrument in each score - unlike MU3 which always more all or nothing - it’s because it was a feature most people really valued. But future updates may include ways to set custom playback profiles if you tually do find one single soundfont you want to use for everything despite the existence of VST and Muse Sounds which are usually better options and weren’t supported before.

You shouldn’t be writing ppp if yoh want velocity 40 - that makes no sense. But you’re welcome to specify that if you really want.

Anyhow, I get that view software takes more than a few minutes to learn. But I and other professional musicians find it infinitely superior to MU3 in virtually every possible way.

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Ok well now here's the stupid thing, It just suddenly worked, and then suddenly stopped again so idk wth is up with it, and The reason I add dynamics obviously is for representation and details. Kinda obvious. BUT at the same time, I want (at least for the midi) to playback GOOD so that I can be sure that it would sound even remotely good if it were played in real life.

And I am a professional musician, but MS 4 is made way too complicated to use, whereas with MS 3 I had every single feature in my head and memory.

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