Bar split bug

• Jun 14, 2023 - 20:06

Hi friends,
I don't understand what is going on. This problem only occurs within the file I'm working with, everything is fine in every newly created file...

I have a sheet with 4/4 signature where I add one 5/4 bar, after which the 4/4 bars continue. As soon as I split the 5/4 bar after the fourth beat and start to edit the 1/4 bar or the bars after, the file becomes corrupted.

I need to split the 5/4 into a 4/4 and 1/4 - in the 1/4 bar is a triplet, which disappears after reopening the already corrupted file (you'll see what happens if you delete the whole 1/4 beat). I tried literally everything: spliting the bar when it's empty, splitting it after a different beat, I gave away all the triplets and other x-plets in, before and after the 5/4 bar... still nothing have worked.

I hope I explained it clearly, thanks for the help :3

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This file is corrupt, as reported. Before doing anything else, you need to fix the reported corruption. See

If you then are able to confirm the score is fixed (no more corruption reported), and find the precise steps to reproduce the corruption from there, be sure to let us know, so we can investigate further. But nothing else can be done until you fix the existing corruptions.

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Thank you for your answer and tips, but as I said, the file becomes corrupt just after these things I did and that's the problem - that's why I repotred this into bugs forum, because the file should not become corrupt after you do the things I described and becuase I think this is a MuseScore error that should be fixed.

However, I will try to continue composing where I left, I will make the file corrupt again and then I will do what you told me to. We'll se what will happen :D

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Yes, I get that the series of steps you performed took this specific file and made it corrupt. We very much want to understand those steps, but as you've already acknowledged, those steps don't cause corruption in general - there must be something unique about your particular score that triggers the bug we aren't able to reproduce otherwise. So what need is an uncorrected version of your file (or another uncorrupted file that demonstrates the same bug). Then if we can reproduce the corruption with those steps starting from the uncorrupted file you provide, we can go from there to submit an actual bug report, which would be the first step in getting it fixed.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do with that other than help advise you on how to fix the corruption. Again, though, if you are ever able to reproduce this problem starting from an uncorrupted file, then don't save the file - just come back and post it here along with the precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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