Clarinet in Musesounds

• Jun 15, 2023 - 20:33

So, as a clarinet player, I pride myself on the advantage of being able to play the "dub C". I've been on first in pieces like Angels In The Architecture and honestly, I have an issue with the Musesound clarinet in Bb. The fact that the range can't go above a high E is so annoying, the Eb clarinet doesn't sound good although it can hit higher. Is there any update on where the range of instruments will be improved? It's not only clarinet, when I transcribed Hebron's 2022 marching show, the piccolo solo also couldn't play the stacatto high A, it could only play it as a typical 8th note. My current high school marching show has clarinet 1 hit a high F, when will Musesounds get an update?


Requests to extend the range are already registered on GitHub, so the developers are already aware. No idea when an update to address that might happen, but it's definitely on the radar.

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