Musescore 4 crashing constantly

• Jun 16, 2023 - 03:45

This is getting annoying. I have been trying for weeks to find a solution to this bug but no one else has it, I have been struggling trying to edit my subtitle on my composition, as any edits to the subtitle cause Muse score 4 to crash. Id try to prove it but I cant even do that without it crashing.

ways I have tried to fix this and outcome
-Delete the subtitle and enter a new one (crash)
- type each word then save (Crashed after a single letter)
- Make a new score (Crashed when i tried to edit)

It seems that muse score 4 really requires you to make your choices right off the bat and make no edits whats so ever. either that or its buggy as hell and giving me a splitting headache. Can someone give me a solution, a confirmation im not loosing my mind, or anything really this is just torture trying to edit a single word.


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