Sometimes I can edit Articulation properties ie fermata lengths and dynamic ranges and sometimes I cant

• Jun 16, 2023 - 04:54

Yo, this shi f up like I can't stan the fact that In crappy MS4 it sometimes will let me edit dynamic velocity, fermata lengths, articulation properties, etc. and sometimes it just appears blurred out and not able to be changed and I'm like wth.

And like sometimes I have to exit this sh just to get it to work again.

This is probably the most annoying feature of MS 4 at the moment. Other than the fact that I'm practically being forced to use MS4 to begin wit.

There are other things that would be good too if it were here, but I ges I make a post later bout that.


Who is forcing you to use MU4 as opposed to MU3?

You can't edit velocity in Muse Sounds. You can if you use Basic sounds. A fermata with a breath mark after won't work in Muse Sounds. But will in Basic.
There are indeed things that are different or not yet present. So show some creativity and work around them.

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Then just what do you mean by " Other than the fact that I'm practically being forced to use MS4 to begin wit."

Sorry for your rude language. Few people will be willing to help you because of it. Consider your current attitude. I'm not interested in telling you what to do.

I'm suggesting that you drop the drama and ask what you need help with. Unless you don't want any help and just want to complain.

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