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• Jun 17, 2023 - 11:01

MuseScore 4 was running fine until a few days ago when it ceased to load. I removed all references in the registry, %appdata%, %programdata%, and the installation directory. Rebooting after cleaning these out did not help. The error message it cannot install because a new version is already loaded. The log is attached.

Any ideas?

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Part of the software is installed as a windows app and this may have been left behind.
Try to check the installed Apps via the Settings option (as this includes windows apps, while Program and Features does not) and remove the application from there.

Also part of the software is a windows service, which may have been left behind and could prevent installation.

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Did you make changes to your audio setup? I.e. using an external interface, or using headphones/internal speakers?

Sometimes this caused MS to fail to launch due to the supported/used sample rate of the device. Try changing the sample rate to 48000 in the windows audio settings (assuming that is supported by your hardware).

There may also be another program that wants exclusive access to the sound device and that may prevent MS to launch as well.

Another suggestion would be to revert to factory settings (though I assume you have already cleaned out the files that keep these settings). Revet to factory settings can be done from the command prompt.

You can also check this for more tips:

One more thing you can try is to download the latest nightly build and see if that already contains a fix for your situation, see;…
Just download the latest-master, then use 7zip to extract the files. Open the extracted folder launch MuseScore4.exe from the bin folder.
The nightly build does not "mess up" your regular install, so should not have a negative effect. Only when you start editting files using the nightly you may get issues when you open them later in the current 4.0.2 release.

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