Notating tuplets larger than 9

• Jun 18, 2023 - 16:52

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to notate a piece by Bortkiewiez that looks like the image attached. I got the same effect as making this long duodectuplet as two sextuplets, but it seems like Bortkiewiez makes a distinction between these a couple measures later in the piece, so I'd like to be faithful to the score. How do I transcribe the 12 tuplet? What would the ratio be?



Unfortunately, I have no idea how the old masters notated and why a difference was made in your examples.

However, you can achieve both notations with Musescore. Either take a whole rest and use "Add/Tuplets/Other" with ratio 12/8 or take two half rests and press simply Ctrl-6.
Both times you get the same 2*6 eighth rests. However, for the first example, you can make the beam continuous in the "Beam Properties".

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I figure he did it to show when the performer should change the pedal, but that's just my guess. The right hand gets more complex over changing harmonies in the bass, so maybe that's his way of showing that the first few groups of 12 should be very "brothy".

And thanks for the solution! I just did it and it worked out great.

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