Tempo changes not taking effect in midi player

• Jun 22, 2023 - 08:03

Hey guys! So I'm playing a game that has its own midi player built into it. Often when playing a midi in the game, the tempo will be either too fast or too slow (usually stuck at 120 BPM in both cases) from the intended sound, despite the tempo being read correctly in every other midi player.

I know your immediate thought is ''well obviously it's the midi player's problem." But see... I've had files that come at much higher/lower tempos and work perfectly in this midi player, too. So it's perfectly capable of playing alternating tempos, and that means there has to be a solution, right?

Is there some sort of ''compatibility'' or some other way of exporting the file that can guarantee the tempo is respected?

I'm going to attach two files. One is from a friend's collection, pineapple rag made by ncsmythe. I should note that almost all of this "ncsmythe'' dude's midis perfectly work at the right tempo no matter what. The other is one I got from this website, Under Paris Skies on accordion. Pineapple rag plays beautifully at the correct tempo. The one from this website seems locked at 120 BPM no matter what I do. Can you tell me what differences between these two files could be causing this to happen? Please, before I lose my friggin' mind?


I know this is a niche issue but please, if anyone can help me I would be so grateful. I don't know much about sheet music or midis so I'm completely lost here.

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