How to change playback instrument without changing instrument in notation?

• Jun 22, 2023 - 20:40

I think in the earlier versions it was possible to change the playback instrument in the Mixer, but in the current version I just see "MS Basic" in all channels regardless of the instrument. It's probably possible to download some soundfonts, but all I want is to swap to a different instrument from the basic set.


In reply to by Oleg Eterevsky

I use the Fantasia sound in Mu3 for our choir training purposes. It offers a precise attack like the piano but also a holding of the notes according to their length. At the moment I don't see any advantages with Mu4, so I only use it experimentally.

Or, if you know you are going use woodwinds sounds instead of vocals to begin with, go ahead and set up the initial score with those sounds.

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