MuseScore 4 MusicXML import does not display correct number of staves

• Jun 27, 2023 - 13:33

I run Windows 11 and used MuseScore to import a MusicXML file generated by another program. MuseScore 3 correctly imports the file (see attachment) whereas MuseScore 4, with the same MusicXML file, does not capture the top (vocal) line. Is this a MuseScore 4 bug or an option that can be configured?

Software used:
MuseScore- Without MuseHub.msi -- upgraded to 4.0.2

Thanks, Bill

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MuseScore 3 Version.png 52.29 KB
MuseScore 4 version.png 44.67 KB


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Actually 4.x does load it, but hides that staff, to fix go into the instruments tab and click on that closed eye symbol

Apparently the import here looses those Hide empty staves' settings. Not a big deal, but certainly confusing.
And IIRC you're not the 1st to report this

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