distorted sound on playback. metronome out of sync.

• Jun 27, 2023 - 14:41

The sound has reverted to a mess.. metronome out of whack, sounds distorting....I tried the cure offered a week ago and it seemed to work then. but now back to the original problem, regardless of the preference I choose...

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Which preferences have you tried? Without knowing more about the problem you are perceiving, it's tough to make recommendations, but my guess is, you need to set a different sample rate for your audio device (in your OS settings usually). 44.1 kHz is usually a good choice.

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Did you try my suggestion of setting your audio device to 44.1 kHz? I don't mean in MuseScore, I mean on your computer. The setting should be somewhere in your OS; a web search should turn up info relevant to your system. Or if it's an external audio device, it probably came with software for that.

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hello I'm sorry to be so late in reply. Yes I set my computer to 44.1kz . I have internal sound card. Muse score jammed in the last cursor position before the change...
I have restarted the program to effect a reload, but the problem still exists....
It is such a pity the program looks really good , if only I could get it to work...

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