How to create a plugin?

• Jul 1, 2023 - 16:15

In this handbook page:, there's a note: (How to create a plugin - to be added).
I think it's the right time to reveal the secret.


See the equivalent page for MuseScore 3- it's basically the same in MuseScore 4 (except for some minor things, so then see 'Plugins for 4.x')

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Open existing plugins with an interesting title in a text only editor, e.g. Notepad ++ or Visual Studio Code
Plugins are basically javascript code (similar to c). For the GUI interface you also need to learn/understand Qt+.
Great exercise in learning!
EDIT: The Plugin Creator is no more than a text only editor with a Run button. Don't think you are missing something essential... or use MU3.6... It does have a useful window for debug console.log messages...

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