MuseScore 4.0.1 Crashes on Arturia Analog Lab V VST

• Jul 3, 2023 - 09:15

I've been experimenting more often with MuseScore 4 as a DAW with a more analog musical bias. I was building a simple version of Jackson Browne/Gregg Allman "These Days" using a plucked guitar created in Arturia Pigments that sounded like the direction I wanted to go, then had the idea of creating a hybrid sound using Arturia Analog Lab, Collection 9.
The instant I clicked on the Analog Lab VST from inside MuseScore, the session immediately crashed. And when I restart MuseScore the session is corrupted, can't be opened, and I have start over again.
What do you need from me to figure this out?


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Thanks. I didn't realize 4.0.2 was available. When I clicked on check for updates it told me I have the latest version.
Update: I tried installing the most recent version and reinstalled Arturia Analog Lab. I restarted my DAW, opened MuseScore with song in MuseScore default settings, and as soon as I tried the Analog Labs VST it crashed.

I've opened a technical support ticket, however another member on the Arturia forum says they installed MuseScore and couldn't recreate the issue, then made the point they were using an Apple computer. Not helpful.
I'll wait for tech support since no one here or there has any further ideas to explore.

I have downloaded analog labs in MuseScore 4 and it appears as a VST in the mixer and I can designate an instrument, but cannot get it to make any sound on playback. I have also downloaded VITAL audio in the mixer and it works just fine. Any suggestions on how to get labs to sound on playback? I have the latest version of MuseScore 4 and Musehub.

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