Exporting to PDF

• Jul 4, 2023 - 21:36

When I export to PDF (from MuseScore 4), the exporting doesn't always preserve the layout of my measures. Within MuseScore I generally have 4 measures per line (using system break in the Layout palette) but sometimes the pdf shows 5 measures. Is there a setting to customize the export or is there a better way for me to use formatting?
Thanks for any tips.


Musescore is a WYSIWYG editor, therefore the score should look exactly the same in a pdf as it does on your screen (except that invisible/non-printable items are shown "greyed out" on screen so that they can be selected for editing). If the layout of the pdf is different to what you see on screen that would be a bug. Please attach an example score (,mscz file) and an exported pdf showing the difference so that someone can investigate further.

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