MS-4.1.0 & MS 4.0.2 (Linux AppImage): File > Project Properties > Creation date

• Jul 5, 2023 - 07:23

With the Linux AppImage, File > Project Properties > Creation date never stores, no matter what I enter and which format I use, e.g. "20230705", "2023-07-05", "July 23rd, 2023".

This was the case with MuseScore-4.0.2 and is still the case with today's download of MuseScore-4.1.0. I tried it with both of German and English language settings (plus restart) - neither worked.

BTW, there is no format hint, no context help, nothing ... just this 'abandoned' input field.

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Thanks, this works ... at least as an ugly workaround.

I really don't get it, why not the very basic and widely spread YYYY-MM-DD format is implemented. The US format is horrible, because it sorts in no way, with the month(!) being the first order criteria ...

I use YYYYMMDD file naming conventions for over 30 years now, exclusively with Linux. All my business correspondences, documents, letters, invoices and whatnot utilize this simple incremental numbering scheme. Thus, searching, finding and sorting of anything, including tenthousands++ of (commercial) images by this simple, effective and always linearly increasing number is a snap, when working with the terminal (bash or other shell) which I do most of the time, driven by custom shell scripts.

Who prefers to order his/her stuff per months' in the first place: June 12, 1817... June 12, 1820 ... June 12, 1999 ... June 12, 2023?? So useless!

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