How to write fivelets and nested triplets in 6/8 form

• Jul 6, 2023 - 15:15

Hello everyone,

bit of a tricky one here for me. I am re-notating a piece of marching snare music to release for a community, however, the time signatures for one of the movements were wrong so I am having to re-notate the rhythms from a 4/4 time signature to a 6/8 time signature. My problems occur when I try to re-notate the rhythms at bar 203, bar 205, and bar 214 into 6/8 form in movement 4

(I hope this is all making sense. The rhythms I mentioned above are in the file attached.)

If anyone can give me any help that would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you mean something like this? I was lazy and just did it as a flute part but I presume you can do it using Drumline? Mostly it seems to be just doing the math but if there is a specific tuplet you can't get then post again. The key part is to create a single note or rest the duration of the tuplet and then divide that into the number of parts that make up the tuplet.

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