Entering music with different timing for the notes in one chord

• Jul 11, 2023 - 01:07

Trying to retype, enter a classical guitar score: [ attached inline:Somewhere Out There.pdf]. The font is too small and I want to condense the music down to two sheets by taking out the TAB systems.

How do I enter a chord that has notes with different timing?
The 2nd chord in measure 2, has
two dotted quarters F & A, with a half note E.
Measures 4 & 5, etc. have the same situation.

Thank you
Gary G


Thank you both for your quick reply. I will get into the voice 1 and 2 routine and see what I can do.
Thank you
Gary G

From central Texas, playing with MuseScore instead of mowing the lawn in 104 degree heat....(;>)

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