Tuplet Tremolo sounds 2 sixteenths on the last eighth note of the tuplet instead of a steady pulse

• Jul 14, 2023 - 02:51

This has been an issue for me in many Schubert scores, cause Schubert often uses tuplet tremolos for quickly repeated chords on the piano. But it's not the same every time. This part is the same in all cases:

1) I add a tuplet
2) I fill in a tuplet with a single note, like a dotted quarter inside a triplet, and then turn that note into a chord or interval
3) I add the eighth tremolo on stem from the Tremolos palate

but from there, it varies from score to score. Sometimes it's resolved when I close and reopen MuseScore(Fantasie in G D1). Sometimes it's fine at 1 tempo, but as soon as the tempo changes, the issue happens(Erlkönig). And sometimes it doesn't resolve upon close and reopen(Impromptu in C minor).

I'd expect it to be a steady triplet pulse regardless. Of course, I can make the tremolos silent and add a playback staff and just put in the repeated triplets without tremolo, that way I get both Schubert's notation(the tremolo) and the proper playback(steady repeated triplets).

Here's one of my scores that is affected by this issue. Bars 82-94 specifically have this issue. This is all Muse Sounds Grand Piano by the way, I don't know if MS Basic is also affected.

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Impromptu in C minor Op. 90 no. 1.mscz 46.68 KB


Having triplets in voice 2 or turning the chords into individual voices at 1 note per voice seems to steady it out, but like the playback staff, that seems to be a sort of hacky way to keep the triplet tremolo steady. Maybe even more so than the playback staff. Still, this kind of thing is so common in Schubert that it would be nice to have it fixed.

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