Musescore 4.1 won’t let me save my score

• Jul 14, 2023 - 21:36

I recently downloaded Musescore 4.1 and it is not letting me open my scores. It was working great at first, but recently it hasn’t been letting me open my scores. Whenever I try to open a score it comes up with a text that says “Score is invalid”. Is there a way I can fix this??


It's a long-lasting problem that has been reported multiple times, but, sadly, hasn't been fixed yet because the root of the problem is rather hard to catch. The way I go around it is this:

1) I firstly extrtact with 7-Zip my "my_score.mscZ" (or any other name) file to "my_score" folder;
2) Then I open that folder and open the "my_score.mscX" file and then work with it within that folder;
3) In case I want to save copies of my work I save them as "my_score_02.mscX", "my_score_03.mscX", etc. And I also do the same to the "audiosettings.json" (that's where the mixer changes are recorded) by saving it also as "audiosettings_02.json", "audiosettings_03.json", "audiosettings_04.json", etc.
4) If at any time I want to convert my work back to ".mscZ" format, I do that using the MuseScore's "Save as..." function - at my own risk of later not being able to open it again (yet still being able to regain my latest work through the 3 steps described above);

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Was this without going through the procedure you outlined above?
Neither was actually produced from scratch in 4.1
Stone 2 was saved using an earlier version. I opened that file in 4.1 and modified and saved it. That is Stone 44.
I present these files as part of a method to help see where the problem is. The OP said they could open Stone 44 but got errors.

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"Was this without going through the procedure you outlined above?"

-- Yes, it was without going through that procedure (which means I didn't have to unzip anything).

Just now I tried again: 1) redownloaded your file; 2) opened it; 3) played it back; 4) clicked on "x" to close it; 5) was prompted to save it; 6) saved and closed it; 7) opened it again; 8) played it back again; 9) closed it again; - no problems whatsoever. I did it all with this latest nightbuild: MuseScore-

The only thing that kind of alarmed me, though, was that right after I opened it for the first time (step 2) an asterisk appeared next to your file's name - as if I performed some edits, but I didn't. And when I first tried to close it (step 4) I was prompted to save it first (step 5). At the very least, it looks strange to me - why does it want me to save the file when all I did was only play it back?

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The asterisk, I think, has something to do with the fact that the file was opened on a different computer. Different playback devices and sounds. Different settings and fonts. I'm not sure that it makes much difference if you save or not. Though I usually save.

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