RPNs in MIDI Export

• Oct 4, 2014 - 20:16

Is there a reason why we're sending a bunch of RPNs on each channel at the beginning of MIDI Export?

They're not actually being sent properly I think, as the End of RPN LSB and MSB aren't sent until the end of the sequence, and I think technically they should be sent after the end of each RPN change. I may be wrong on this though - I've always tended to use SysEx rather than RPNs for configuration.

Anyway, the RPN string first of all set's Pitchbend range to 12 semitones - if this is supposed to enable glissandi, then it is the wrong way to go about it - glissandi are done with the Portamento Controller, otherwise you are limited to one octave.

It then goes on to set Fine Pitch Tuning to 64 - I suspect the intent here is to set Coarse Pitch Tuning to A 440 for which the RPN string would be LSB 2, MSB 0 and the data 64.

Whatever the intent, it would completely disrupt whatever tuning the user had set their synth to - possibly A = 432 for early music.

Maybe we should think again on this?


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There's usually a very good reason for altering tuning so it's a mistake for Musescore to change it.

I have done the new code - I just haven't had time to do the pull request - a recital and a concert this week - muchos practice and rehearsals :)

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