Adding Tempo to Saved Selection crashed MuseScore

• Jul 28, 2023 - 17:23

I was composing a little something this morning but wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it in the project or not, so I saved the little segment with the "Save Selection" option. Upon opening and playing back the section in the new file, I noticed it was faster than it was in the first score, so of course I try adding a tempo marking. For some reason, doing this caused that tab of MuseScore 4.1.1 to crash.

My assumption is since the file was saved without any determined tempo marking, it went to some sort of default tempo, the one faster then I had like, and upon trying to change said tempo, it messed something up inside the software and caused it to crash.

Given that my video recording is too big to be uploaded, I've attached an unlisted YouTube link showing exactly what happens.:


Sorry to hear you experienced a problem. There isn't much to do with just a video, but if you attach your score and write out the precise steps to reproduce the problem, we can investigate. Definitely crashes are bugs, but we want to know whether it's actually triggered by a corruption in the score or something else, before submitting an actual bug report to GitHub.

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