More Muse Strings Playback problems, swells on individual notes.

• Aug 3, 2023 - 23:04

Score attached.
Play just the top line. This Violins 1. The more expressive sound. Note that there are volume swells on most 8th notes. Violins 2 is not much better. Then play just the second line. The second line is violas. Few if any swells. I often have to substitute violas for violin sections because of the swell problem. And no, the effect is not covered up in full orchestra playback.
This can't be subjective. It is so unmusical. Those notes should all flow evenly and musically together. Not stand out as individuals.
While we're at it Change the top line to solo 1 violin. Note that on every half or longer note, playback sounds like it changes bow direction at least once. But this is a different problem.

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Those unwelcomed, undefeatable tail swells are one of my biggest complaints about playback in MuseScore 4. I hear them with strings and with MuseChoir, which is quite nice otherwise.

Sometimes a score is peppered throughout with tail swells. Other times, for no apparent reason, there's just a note or two that ruin an otherwise perfect audio rendering of the score.

In the following score you can hear it in the soprano voice of Measure 12 ... and in the less noticeably after the dotted quarters in the last two measures.


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