The latter parts affect the forgoing

• Aug 28, 2023 - 14:33

When I play this score, part "A" seems to sound fine:
If I delete part "V", part "A" still sounds the same:
If I also delete part "U", part "A" still sounds fine:
However, if I delete "U", but keep "V", part "A" starts sounding a bit louder:
Why is it so?
Can somebody, please, check it out?


I can confirm this. But no idea why it happens.
I made one score that has the line twice, one after the other so I could compare. You don't have to delete the measures. You just have to delete the dynamic markings. Delete the mf at the second 'U'. Then start playback at the beginning to get a feel for the volume. After a few measures select the first note after the measure rest of what would be the second letter A. It is a bit louder.
Why doesn't it affect the first mp? Does it have to only with dynamics or are meter changes involved. I didn't try different voices.

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