musescore site not working

• Aug 28, 2023 - 15:23

Hi, it's a few days I go to the musescore homepage (, but the site does not seem to be working.
I can view the homepage. However, any link I try to follow simply does not work. I tried in Chromium and Firefox.
It is also not possible to focus the search box to input text.

I could access the forum through Google and fortunately it is working. As I am now logged in, I tried to reach the homepage again, but this time it brings me to the dashboard:
It displays same behavior. I cannot click on any link.

I noticed that works.

Maybe, there is something wrong with the language redirect, as does not work. The sites look different. Maybe is an older version.


I have this same problem and nothing seems to solve it - works but then if I try and search for a score, for example, it redirects to results under and then no clicks work. I can copy a link and open it on another tab but then I can't click on anything anyway. It's impossible to navigate the website.

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