Moving parts of chords to a different instrument

• Sep 3, 2023 - 00:26

I'm getting tired of this difficult software. Is there any quick way of moving parts of chords to different staves? I can CMD select the desired notes, CMD+x to cut them, but then it doesn't paste into the other staff when I select the other staff and press CMD+v. WTF.

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In fact, this is not how it works. Not with tied notes and not with multiple selections.

Add a third trombone. Select the measures and apply "Explode". This distributes the two lower notes to the two more trombone staves.
Then select the first and second staves and apply 'Implode'. Then the notes of the second staff are added back to the first, but in voice 2. If this bothers you, you have to apply 'Implode' another time.
Finally, delete the second trombone staff.

Another way: as in your picture, select the low notes, set them to voice 2, select the measures and then apply 'Explode' directly. Then you don't need the third staff.

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