the yellow note

• Nov 24, 2009 - 18:16

see attached

any note above high B turn yellow on the screen....

happily it doesn't appears yellow in the pdf.....

this measure is cut out of a file by suppressing any other staves and measures. There was a parallel staff with the same notes which did not show the trouble....

I glimpse in the XML file, but saw no reason for it

(0.9.5 Karmic)

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Yellow note head show what is in the range of the instrument but could only be played by a professional. If you right click on the staff of an instrument you will see a small pop-up, if you then click on staff/part properties it will show you the instruments range. There are two ranges, Amateur and Pro, Showing there respective ranges. For example the top note of a violin pro's range is a G seven, if you put a g seven on the staff the note will be yellow indicating it is a note only available to skilled player, if the note is red it is deemed unplayable. If you yourself, or someone you know of, can play a higher note feel free to adjust the range though.

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