Pedal Steel Guitar

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In MuseScore 3.6.2, If you add 'Pedal Steel Guitar' from the instrument options, the playback sound is identical to an acoustic guitar. One can bend the notes of this guitar, to try to attempt getting something similar to the actual sound of a PSG, but it is still a long way off. Is there any 'soundfont' or something that I can try to better approach the sound of the PSG?


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Thank you Scorster and DanielR. These sounds are very good, but I would need them in midi format, so that I use MuseScore to open the midi since MuseScore supports the midi format. There I should find the staves for all instruments in that midi , such as drums, bass and whatever else -INCLUDING the stave of the Pedal Spring Guitar (PSG) - all in the hope, of course, that the soundfont of these PSG notes in the midi score do actually sound like a Pedal Steel guitar, and not just like an ordinary acoustic guiitar, as I found out using the Pedal steel guitar instrument option in MuseSAcore. Once I have this stave, I could take this midi which would now be in MusScore format, so that I could then change the notes, timing etc and add whatever other instruments I like and in the end get a MuseScore file with genuine PSG sound. I was hopeful on seeing the link 'midi pedal steel playing Crazy Arms'. With the word 'midi' in it, I thought it to be a midi, but it turns out just to a Video of this guy playing his PSG. Even in the 'indiginus' link, the same but there is a user guide how to play this particular PSG, but nothing about 'a midi'
OR am I missing something from the videos you sent me that enable me to capture the PSG sound and get it into MuseScore?

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A MIDI file contains no audio. It is basically a set of instructions for a music synthesizer to play various pitches of various durations using the sounds of various instruments. One can't "capture" sound directly from a MIDI file.

MIDI is a communication protocol that allows for consistency in audio playback across different hardware. In other words, a MIDI file played on two different musical synthesizers manufactured by different companies will play the same music, but the sound produced by, for instance, the saxophone instrument on one synthesizer may play "sweet" on one and "growl" on the other. Thanks to MIDI both machines will play a saxophone sound, though each saxophone may sound different due to the soundfont (i.e., the instrument and player that produced the samples for that soundfont).

MuseScore's playback synthesizer gathers up the pitches and durations from the music notation and assigns instruments from its available soundfont(s). Then the synthsizer "performs" the playback by combining the notation and instrument sounds. If an instrument's sound is not available, a substitute may be made with some other sound that is available in the soundfont - like an ordinary acoustic guitar, as you have found out using the Pedal steel guitar instrument option in MuseScore.

If you want a pedal steel guitar sound, you can't "capture" it from a MIDI. You'll need a pedal steel soundfont.

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Thanks so much. From the few midis that I have worked with, the sound fonts obviously that are in MueSecore are the ones used as you say. To me the sound fonts in MuseScore are very good. For example all the differnt guitar sounds in the drop down instrument menu 'Sound' box in the Mixer (F10) sound very good to me - your electric guitar 'sounds' like 'Overdrive', 'Distortion, 'Clean', 'Jazz' etc sound just like I would expect of them on playback. That's what makes it so rewarding doing a score on MuseScore!! The instruments sound just right.

Is there such a thing available as a PSG sound font - and then could it be added to the the drop down menu in F10? There are so many of them that I thought you might be adding new or improving existing ones all the time. I suppose if the instrument is not much used, and little demand for it, making a sound font (whoever does these things? would be not be worth the bother. I see there is a 'folder' in Preferences > General> Folders.

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