Repeats and jumps with D.S.

• Sep 21, 2023 - 15:01

In an effort to keep score to 1 page I use a D.S. to repeat a 2-line section with repeats (meas. 6-14); one with a second ending and one just a repeat. That seems to work well. At the end of the score I use a second D.S. (the same segno) (again for meas. 6-14 all repeats) and at the end of the same 2-line section with repeats, add another D.S. al fine that goes to a varsegno (for meas. 11-14 so that line plays the regular 2 times and then another 2 times for the ending). The second D.S. does not repeat the second line and I wonder what I'm missing?

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I think it works as written.
When measure 14 is reached and the repeat of (B) has been done, then the D.S. is applied and it jumps to m.6 (A). Then it plays A and B again with repeats. Now this D.S. has been worked through and is no longer observed!
The score continues to the next D.S. at the last measure, jumps correctly back to m.6 (A), plays (A) with repeats, (B) with repeats and reaches the D.S. al fine with the jump to the varsegno and plays (B) with repeats til 'fine'.

If understand your intention correctly - that is: after the jump from the D.S. at the end to (A) again the D.S. jump in m. 14 to (A) should be done, then you will need a second D.S. in m. 14.
I think, you need to delete first the fine, the D.S. al fine and set this second D.S. Then add again the fine and the fine.
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That is what I understand and I've modified your file to do it in this way - see attachment.

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Thanks so much for taking a look at this. My score, as written, is working just fine EXCEPT that the first D.S. at m.14 goes back to m.6, plays both endings, then moves to m.11 but DOES NOT REPEAT that line! That's the part I don't understand. In INSPECTOR I've checked PLAY REPEATS. After, the piece continues and plays as desired, including the final repeat from D.S. al Fine (varsegno).

I randomly played with Inspector for PLAY UNTIL: and CONTINUE AT: but to no avail.

The repeat of B works fine the first time but not from that first D.S., so that's the puzzle for me.

Your modification replays AB at the end which is not necessary but that first D.S. still doesn't repeat line B.

For folk musicians who may wish to play this, the notation shows the order at the top, so it's not a big deal - I just don't understand why the repeat isn't taken on B with the first D.S.

Thanks again.

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