can I work with Musescore 3 and Musescore 4 on the same pc?

• Sep 22, 2023 - 06:55

My Musescore 3.6.2 stopped working
Both Musescore 4.1.1 and Musescore 3.6.2 are installed in a separate folders
Until yesterday both worked
Can I works with both on the same pc?
what do I have to do to repair Musescore 3.6.2? reinstall?
thank you


You have not specified what "stopped working" means. Not starting at all, no sound, crashing or what else?

It should not be a problem to have several major versions of MuseScore installed in parallel on one computer.
Does version 3.6.2 still launch on its own - without a score? Then try "Revert to factory settings".
Otherwise, actual a reinstallation might help.
Remark: double click on a mszc file always uses the last installed MuseScore version. MuS 4.x opens MuS 3.x files but not vice versa.

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thank you for your prompt answer
it does not start at all even with an old mscz file + open with musescore
I wanted this version to complete palette with things I got used to like beam properties
maybe I don't need it at all now that I'm using ver.4.1.1

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